What is an Audit? What are they for?

An audit is a structured process that we follow to identify how well you are achieving your business aims and objectives, and where you are compliant with regulations.

An audit has a clear plan, that we will develop with you, based upon the objectives and scope that we agree with you.

All of our auditing work is carried out in conjunction with you and includes elements of both on and off site works, to ensure you get to spend time with our team developing these skills in house and allowing for improved ongoing management of risk.


When might you have one?

Audits can be carried out at any stage of your journey with SHE Advises but our most commonly used services include :-


  • H&S Management system gap analysis – Identifies where you are compliant before you set out on your journey, and creates an action plan for improvement

  • Training Audits – Identify gaps in provisions and offer a plan of action to ensure suitable training delivery at each level within your organisation
  • Regulation specific audits – Assess compliance to specific regulations to focus on those areas where you have most risk

  • Accreditation audits – Enabling achievement of accreditations i.e. CHAs, Safe contractor, ISO standards
  • Traffic Management Audits – Reducing the risks from traffic movements on site
  • ISO Initial Audits – Setting a plan for achievement of ISO45001
  • Ongoing audits to ensure regular reviews of compliance onsite once compliance achieved


If you have an area where you would like a compliance review and you don’t feel it fits into any of the above services then please get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will work with you to find or offer a solution.