Employees that feel valued are usually more dedicated to your business, and likely to stick around to support your business to grow.

Knowing where to start in developing your employees knowledge can be complicated, especially as you need to align their learning with a benefit for your organisation. How often have you had an employee ask to be supported through a course or training programme that you don’t see any benefit for your business in?

Benefiting your business and your team as individuals
So, how do you satisfy both employees need for development and the businesses need for increased intellectual property? Review the roles of your team, what do they need to know to do their jobs safely? What risks have been identified through risk assessment processes? Can you deliver training that will reduce these risks whilst also offering your employees personal development and value?

One idea…
You need to implement first aid training in your team to ensure they are looked after should anything go wrong, both for moral and legal reasons. Your first aid needs assessment tells you that you need a certain number of first aiders and so you plan to send each of them on a course. Perhaps you could discuss with the training provider whether they could deliver I house training to a greater number of your staff so that you can give more of your workforce training that may be if use to them outside of work. If you have a smaller team this might be able to cover your whole workforce and be just as cost effective as sending the original few on open courses.