Our world was turned upside down, and the world of Health and Safety up and down the country was confused as everyone else for a while. Even H&S professionals were left a little confused and uncertain of what actions they should take and how best to implement them, so how on earth
would businesses understand?

Then the plethora of guidance…

The government issued a whole array of guidance documents for businesses to follow in order to meet the requirements of safe workplaces, but many businesses were just confused further. Trying to unpick the lengthy documents and work out the best way to apply this in their own setting.

What do you need to have done?

The guidance that has been issued to date is based on a sensible risk-based approach, utilising hierarchies of control that we as H&S professionals use in our lives every day. When you get to the
point of understanding this it can all seem a little easier to apply, and give you a little more confidence in the controls you decide upon. utilise your competent advisors to help guide you through the process, as guidance changes, so will the controls you need to apply, but if you have followed a risk based approach to managing transmission in the first place you should find that as guidance changes you don’t have to do so many adjustments.