What can you do about it right now?

With the global pandemic issues that we have all faced this year, it would be ideal if society had a better understanding of how we can manage risk. However, it has become apparent that on many occasions a significant risk has been identified, namely COVID-19. Whilst suitable controls have been put in place to manage this risk, many others have been neglected.

We have seen this in areas such as the extension of safety critical assessments on motor vehicles, extension of training refresher periods (that have been long standing and best practice), and the inability to provide statutory examinations of equipment on time and in a prompt manner.

Risk Management is not about focusing on only one area of risk but taking a step back and having an overview of all risks faced by an organisation. Once all risks have been assessed you can prioritise those areas with the highest risk and assign controls in a suitable and sufficient manner.

SHE Advises are concerned that the increase in focus organisations have had on managing COVID-19 risks has meant that many SMEs have lost sight of other risk factors that affect their organisations, both from safety and health perspectives.

How can your organisation ensure that these issues are resolved ready for 2021, to protect you from increased risk throughout the year to come?

Our advice at this point would be to undertake a full review of your current practices against the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSWA) and its associated regulations.

Things to consider: –

  • Have you reviewed your risk assessments for standard activities to ensure they remain suitable and sufficient following changes to working practices which have undoubtedly occurred due to COVID-19 controls?
  • Is your training up to date (in line with your initial training needs) identified through the risk assessment process?
  • What statutory examinations and equipment inspections have you had completed and are they all up to date?
  • Have your employees been updated with changes to working practices and has this communication been recorded?
  • Have you been in contact with your Health & Safety advisors recently for any updates regarding legislative changes and best practice updates?

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