How we help you

We work closely with you and your team to effectively manage and control your own safety health and environmental risks through the development of your knowledge, understanding, skills and experience. 

Our aim for your business is to reach compliance and implement continual improvements through increasing your competence and reducing risk. 

We believe that to do this we need to understand your business, and share with you our knowledge and our experiences so that you can achieve compliance and continual improvement. 

SHE Advises will help you to develop systems which can be understood and applied by your whole team, and that help you to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation. We do this by guiding you towards, and through, the available resources, helping you understand which bits are relevant and which are not, and developing a system specific to your business.

We will help you develop systems which fit your business model and align with your objectives, whether that be to simply meet the minimum legal compliance requirements or to go the extra mile in your health and safety commitments by achieving continuous improvement, and perhaps a recognised standard.

In addition to our own internal systems and provisions we have access to a trusted group of partner organisations and individuals in related professions and can assure our clients that the service they provide are in line with our own high standards of conduct and service provision.

Your Journey With Us

Step 1-Initial contact
Step 2 - Gap Analysis
Step 3 - Thinking Time
Step 4 - Support & Mentoring
Step 5 - Training
Step 6 - Regular Reviews
Step 7- Compliance & Regular Audit
Your Safety Net